My photographs of Iceland's landscape/ environment - it is known to be a tectonic environment as well as a glacial one

When first discussing "environmental" we considered as many options as possible. This included geographical environments. I remembered some of photos from Iceland when I'd taken a trip there 2 years ago. Most of the place is completely natural, and it is known for being both a tectonic and glacial environment. I found it interesting that these two oxymoronic environments are so close - even intermingled with each other. This was the first time I considered the idea of juxtaposing an environment with an object which do not normally mix.

Also, the texture of the ground is strangely similar visually to chopped meat. Looking at this made me begin to consider the body as an environment.

Corps Étranger - Mona Hatoum

I went to the Tate Modern exhibition this year and remembered Hatoum's exploration of the body in a very visceral grotesque way. However, although it usually seems repulsive to most people, she is simply presenting our natural body. The idea that most people find something natural gross caught my attention - Hatoum's work made me question why this is. This feeling of disgust at something natural was now a concept we wanted to explore. It may be a product of seeing something in a way that it is not normally seen - with the inside of the body, the case is not at all. Considering our last word was body, we chose body as our environment and then chose to explore the idea of disgust with regards to it. 

Dancing in Peckham - Gillian Wearing

Our tutor recommended we look at Gillian Wearing's performance. The concept of placing something in a different environment made us consider the idea of placing what people find grotesque - the inside of the body - somewhere else and trying to explore people's reactions. We considered possibly filming them. 

Videodrome - David Cronenberg 

Rosa Verloop

Verloop's sculptures emphasise the underlying structure of the body - the muscles etc that are hidden by the skin. Up until now we had simply been considering the inside of the body as an environment, but these pieces made us want to explore the outer skin as an environment as well. 

Jana Sterback, Berlinde de Bruyckere and Henry Tonks explore the combination of inside and outside body. Through doing this, they pose questions - Tonks, while the portraits are medical research, also questions the necessity of war, and similarly the taboo surrounding it by being so explicit. De Bruyckere is perhaps exploring exactly what we wish to - the idea of disgust to the inside of the body. Sterback seems to explore disgust and also perhaps mental illnesses that affect the body and maybe questioning our approach to meat production itself.

What Sterback did - placing innards on the skin - inspired us to do the same for out film and photography, making our concept work with wht was available to us and within the time. We placed our "meat foot" in several contrasting locations and tried to incite disgust and horror within the viewer.




Lee-Ann at the state fair, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2013 - Bruce Gilden

Peter, West Bromwich, UK, 2014 - Bruce Gilden

Andrea Hasler - title not found

Francesco Albano

We then considered how artists have used the inside of the body and placed it in different environments. Although the juxtaposition of flesh with technology (in Videodrome) and flesh with fabric in tents or sofas was an idea we wanted to explore further, we did not have the resources nor the time to create something like an interactive sculpture. We decided to take the environments explored by these artists and incorporate them into our film in a similar way to Gillian Wearing - we would play your flesh in clinical, technological spaces as well as homely spaces with carpet and armchairs.

Doorn en droom - Berlinde de Bruyckere

Inside Me III - Berlinde de Bruyckere

Even within these pictures the natural landscape is combined with the man-made industrial environment. I like this contrast and want to explore it more - I think it adds interest to the piece and also opens up trains of thought about man's role within nature and environmental issues. These environmental issues or the relationship of man to nature are possibilities for concepts for our final outcome.

Dewan at the Iowa State fair in Des Moines, 2014 - Bruce Gilden 

Bruce Gilden's photographs are extremely detailed and close up. This allows us to see all the imperfections in the subject's faces and their skin. We may possibly do something to do with skin. Similarly, his technique of close ups creates the reaction in the viewer - something we should do in our film. He also seems to be presenting them "warts and all" - and with a sense of beauty. It may be an idea that we explore - that the inside of the body as an environment can be beautiful. In order to do this there should be a sense of lyricism in our film - perhaps done with movement.

Cao Hui Gutsy - uses resin with actual human or animal products including innards

WW1 Veterans - Henry Tonks


Marthe - Berlinde de Bruyckere

Flesh dress for an albino anorexic - Jana Sterback


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